Used Equipment Buying Guide

Understanding your options for buying used equipment is the difference between getting a deal and being completely ripped off. It is not uncommon for start-up restaurants to look into purchasing used equipment to save money during their early years.


While it may seem obvious for newer restaurants to save money this way, there are a few stigmas and concerns when buying used equipment.


The first of these concerns start with whether or not the equipment will work or how long it has left till it breaks down on you.


Restaurant equipment is typically well-kept. Even if the equipment has seen its fair share of use, it is essential to understand that kitchen equipment will withstand prolonged use.


You can typically find used restaurant equipment for sale, but purchasing from a credible vendor is highly recommended.


Whether you own an established restaurant or start-up, you should evaluate the cost, condition, and previous history of used equipment before purchasing.

Determine Equipment Market Cost

Depending on the equipment you're looking at, prices may range from expensive to cheap. It would help if you always looked for the equipment's original market value. Starting from that point, you'll be able to match and compare reasonable and unreasonable prices.


The cost of used equipment will vary on three main factors: its demand, history, and condition.


High-demand equipment is usually equipment that a restaurant will almost always own. For example, commercial stove ranges are a staple for most restaurants.


Since these commercial stoves are in high demand, they will be valued higher than most used equipment regardless of how old they are.


Equipment usually seen as less critical will always be priced more reasonably. Tables and tabletop supplies are technically relevant, but since they're so easy and inexpensive to buy or make, they are not a concern to your budget.

Determine Equipment History

The older the equipment, the cheaper it will be for you to buy. Time is the enemy of all things, and that same logic applies to used equipment.


While getting a good deal on old equipment may sound satisfying, you must consider how age directly affects that equipment. For example, age is not a big concern regarding pots and pans.


When it comes to commercial stove ranges, age matters a little more. The usage the previous owner got out of the strove range may vary, but it is safe to assume how much use it got by how old the equipment may be.


If the range oven is relatively new and has only seen a few years of use, it is certainly advantageous to get a discount. Heavy kitchen equipment tends to have parts warranties that continue to hold value for years of its life.

Determine Equipment Condition

The condition is the most significant price decider and usually the nail in the coffin regarding price. Kitchen equipment usually maintains its state because of how well restaurants try to keep their kitchen. Even so, always try to buy used equipment from a reliable source.


Buying used kitchen equipment from an unknown and untested source will usually result in defective parts and poor equipment conditions.

Used Equipment That Is Safe To Buy

Even if you decide not to buy your equipment used, it does not hurt to save some money. If you ever come across restaurant equipment for sale, look into these particular pieces of used equipment:


  • Refrigerators

  • Freezers

  • Fryers

  • Commercial Stove Ranges

  • Hot Plates

  • Warming Equipment


There is nothing wrong with purchasing used kitchenware. Most of the time, it's better because of the bulk price you can get on them. The only issue with buying used tableware is whether it fits the theme of your new restaurant.


Refrigerators, fryers, and pots are all commonly accepted items that even established restaurants still purchase used. The reason for this is their durability and general use.

Wrap Up

Remember, purchasing used equipment is a fantastic way to save money.


Full-priced kitchen equipment will quickly drain the budget of most start-up restaurants, so there is no harm in checking out used restaurant equipment for sale. Just remember to keep these tips in mind before you purchase.