Used Restaurant Equipment: The Effective and Money Saving Choice

One of the most prohibitive costs of starting a restaurant is purchasing kitchen equipment. Tens of thousands of dollars for commercial grade ovens, stoves, grills, ventilation systems and refrigeration can consume massive portions of your budget. Moreover, if you have an established restaurant,  replacing worn out or broken equipment can also bring significant unexpected expenses.

For these reasons, many restaurateurs opt to purchase used restaurant equipment to cut costs without sacrificing quality. There are, however, many other reasons to choose used equipment over new equipment.  Why should you choose used over new? Here are several excellent reasons why used restaurant equipment is the effective and money-saving choice.

1. Reduce Expenses

It may seem obvious, but used equipment costs less up front. This is especially true if you buy from a high volume used restaurant equipment supplier like Texas Restaurant Supply. When dealers buy large quantities of equipment, they can offer better discounts on used goods because their inventory volume generates more revenue. It’s a winning combination for everyone.

2. Better Quality

A sad fact of the food service industry is that sixty percent of restaurants fail within the first year.  Moreover, eighty percent fail within their first five years. These statistics are the result of a recent study by Ohio State University, although widely known by estimate for decades. What happens to all of the used equipment when those restaurants go under? The equipment is sold to used restaurant equipment dealers to try to recoup some of the financial loss. 

As a result, much of the inventory is in gently used or like new condition at a significantly discounted cost. At Texas Restaurant Supply, we carefully inspect and test all equipment to ensure it is in top service-ready condition. That means restaurant owners and restaurateurs can purchase high-end kitchen appliances at a fraction of the retail price. You get the best quality equipment at the best price.

3. Reduced Depreciation

Starting a restaurant is similar to buying a car: everything you purchase or install immediately begins losing value off the ticket price as soon as you begin using it. Buying used restaurant equipment means that your investment will depreciate in value at a significantly reduced rate. You get more for your money, and if you choose to sell in the future you will suffer a reduced loss.

4. Added Tax Benefits

Basic accounting informs any smart business manager that purchasing new equipment for a business is an easy tax write-off. What many managers and owners do not know is that used equipment purchases can also be written off at tax time. 

The full purchase price of any equipment purchased for use by a business is deductible during the current tax year, allowing owners to retain more of their earnings. More earnings means greater profits and a more secure financial future for your restaurant.

5. Better For The Planet

Somewhere (and probably more than one “where”), there is a landfill piling up with perfectly serviceable restaurant equipment. The colossal waste is practically nauseating. Buying used restaurant equipment doesn’t just save money and offer superior value: it also reduces the massive waste collecting in landfills all over the world. That’s smart, long-term thinking for your business and future generations.

All in all, buying used restaurant equipment is the smart choice for savvy restaurant owners and business managers. It reduces costs while providing better value, offers tangible tax benefits and provides an environmentally friendly solution to your business’ needs. Irving, TX local restaurant owners choose Texas Restaurant Supply when seeking used equipment for their establishments. Our vast inventory and high volume purchasing power allows us to provide the best quality for the best price. Contact us today or visit one of our two locations for more information.