Who Buys Used Restaurant Equipment

Unsure where to sell your used restaurant equipment? Did you know the fast-paced hospitality industry often purchases pre-owned gear? This blog will guide you on where and how to sell such items, ensuring a smooth transaction.

 Get ready—you're about to turn old kitchen tools into cold, hard cash!

Where To Sell Used Restaurant Equipment

There are several places where you can sell used restaurant equipment. Let’s take a closer look below.

Online Platforms

Selling used restaurant equipment has become simple and efficient with online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay. These sites allow you to reach a vast audience without geographical restrictions.

On Facebook Marketplace, you can list your commercial cooking appliances for potential buyers to see, negotiate prices, and arrange shipping or pickup. Similarly, Craigslist offers an easy-to-use interface for selling secondhand restaurant items via its classified section.

With eBay's auction-style platform, you have the possibility of bidding wars that could net a higher return on your used catering equipment. Utilizing these buy-and-sell platforms ensures your preowned kitchen gear finds new life instead of collecting dust in storage.

Local Resale Stores

Local resale stores present a prime opportunity for selling used restaurant equipment. These brick-and-mortar entities provide you with the convenience of transactions in person, which helps in establishing trust between both parties.

You can locate such physical thrift shops, consignment stores, or even specific restaurant supply outlets easily within your city or town.

These local secondhand stores tend to offer higher returns on investment than online platforms and auctions. One advantage of dealing with them is that they often handle the pickup and transportation of heavy equipment themselves.

A good number are also known as reputable equipment resellers who not only sell but purchase quality used items from enterprising restaurant owners like you. The significant aspect here is ensuring your offerings are well-maintained and functional, as it enhances their market value tremendously.

Equipment Dealers

Equipment dealers form an essential channel for unloading used restaurant equipment. They are known for their reliability and readiness to offer direct purchase options, which can be convenient and time-saving for sellers.

A prime example of such a dealer is MachinesUsed, offering cash upfront for preowned industrial kitchen appliances. Other entities, like specific equipment manufacturers, also have buyback programs in place, providing another avenue for disposing of used items effectively.


Maximize the value of your used restaurant equipment by selling it at auction. The PCI Auction Group specializes in selling and liquidating surplus restaurant equipment, offering specialized auction services for preowned supplies.

Whether you choose consignment or liquidation, auctions provide a great opportunity to sell your commercial kitchen appliances. Find auctions near Wichita, KS, and Kansas City, MO, or explore online platforms and auction sites for more options to sell your secondhand restaurant equipment.

Tips for Selling Used Restaurant Equipment

To ensure a successful sale, it's important to keep your used restaurant equipment in good working condition, clean and maintain it regularly, and research market prices before setting a selling price.

Want more tips? Keep reading!

Ensure Equipment Is in Good Working Condition

To sell your used restaurant equipment successfully, it's crucial to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition. Regular maintenance and proper servicing of the kitchen equipment can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and failures.

By inspecting and testing the equipment before selling, you can minimize revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction. Taking these steps will not only extend the lifespan of your restaurant equipment but also enhance its reliability and performance.

So be sure to check the working condition of your used restaurant equipment and keep it well-maintained to avoid any unexpected breakdowns down the line.

Clean and Maintain the Equipment

To ensure that you get the most out of your used restaurant equipment, it is crucial to clean and maintain it regularly. Proper maintenance not only increases the lifespan of the equipment but also ensures optimal performance in a commercial kitchen setting.

Regular cleaning helps prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs, ultimately saving you time and money. Make sure to inspect the equipment frequently and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance.

By handling your kitchen equipment properly and giving it regular attention, you can extend its longevity and keep it in good working condition for years to come.

Research Market Prices

To sell your used restaurant equipment at a fair price, it's crucial to research the market prices. Take into account factors such as the condition, age, and demand for the equipment.

The Small Business Administration recommends starting with a price of 50% of the original cost and adjusting from there. Keep in mind that brewery equipment typically holds higher value compared to regular restaurant equipment.

By doing your homework on market prices, you'll be able to set a competitive asking price and increase your chances of selling successfully.

Benefits of Selling Used Restaurant Equipment

Selling used restaurant equipment offers several benefits that can make it a profitable venture for businesses. One of the main advantages is the demand for secondhand restaurant equipment from aspiring business owners or establishments looking to expand their operations.

By selling used equipment, businesses have the opportunity to recoup more of their initial investment compared to selling new equipment.

Additionally, selling used restaurant equipment allows businesses to save time and money. Preowned items are often more affordable than brand-new ones, making them an attractive option for those on a budget.

This affordability factor not only benefits buyers but also provides an opportunity for sellers to attract potential customers who are seeking cost-effective solutions.

Online marketplaces and reseller websites provide convenient platforms for individuals and businesses to sell their used restaurant equipment. These online platforms offer wider reach and exposure compared to traditional methods.

With increasing digitalization in today's marketplace, tapping into these online resources can help sellers connect with potential buyers more efficiently.

Whether you're looking to liquidate your current inventory or just upgrade your kitchen appliances, selling used restaurant equipment presents a practical solution that offers financial benefits while catering to the needs of both buyers and sellers in the industry.


Restaurant supply Fort Worth is a great store to buy & sell your used restaurant equipment or you can consider these important tips when selling your used equipment:

  • Research local brick-and-mortar resale stores, online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, and auction websites for potential buyers.
  • Ensure that your equipment is in good working condition and well-maintained to attract more buyers.
  • Don't forget to research market prices to set a competitive selling price.

By following these steps, you can find interested buyers who are willing to purchase your used restaurant equipment. Happy selling!