Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs Gas Fryers?

What kind of fryers are you currently using in your restaurant? If you have been using an electric fryer for a long time and have never used a gas fryer, you may not be aware of all of the benefits that you could be getting from making the switch over to gas. 

What are the differences between gas and electric fryers?

The main difference between these two fryers is in the power source. Electric fryers are going to run off of your restaurant’s electrical system whereas a gas fryer is going to be hooked into your restaurant’s gas line. The power source of these different types of fryers can actually make a huge difference in what you can use them for, how you cook with them, and how quickly you can prepare food in your kitchen fryers. 

Here are a few reasons that you may want to switch from electric fryers to gas fryers. 

1) Heating Efficiency

Did you know that gas fryers heat oil faster than most electric fryers? It’s true. It takes a lot of electricity to heat the elements and the oil of an electrical fryer. Gas, on the other hand, works much more quickly. Gas fryers can often heat your oil to the desired temperature in a noticeably less amount of time than electrical fryers. 

2) Energy Costs

The heating efficiency than gas fryers offer can also offer a nice benefit in terms of energy costs. Because gas is so much more efficient at heating up your fryer, you are going to save money on heating your oil and maintaining that heat throughout the workday. 

Utility costs can vary drastically from state to state and city to city. Depending on where you live, your costs of using a gas fryer could be much lower than an electrical fryer, in direct proportion to the cost of gas and electricity in your area. Overall, gas fryers tend to be easier and cheaper to operate than electric fryers. 

3) Quick Changes

To go hand in hand with the heating efficiency of gas fryers, using gas makes it much easier for you to make quick changes to the temperature of your oil. Say that your chef is frying something at a much lower temperature, plates it, and immediately needs to fry something that requires a higher temperature. Gas is going to allow for a faster change in temperature, which means that you are going to get food and orders out faster. 

4) Increasing Overall Profitability

Lowering your energy bill and increasing the speed and efficiency of your kitchen is ultimately going to lead to increased profitability and more revenue for your business. If electrical utility prices are significantly less expensive than gas in your area, you may want to reconsider, but overall gas fryers are a great way to improve the efficiency and economy of your kitchen.