Reasons Your Bar Should Have an Under Counter Dishwasher

Successful bars are fast-paced, with staff ceaselessly rushing to stay on top of orders while simultaneously maintaining the upkeep. When the busy hours roll around, supplies and energy get burned through quickly. It is vital that the layout of the bar and the fixtures in place are designed and utilized for sustaining optimal efficiency. Bartenders and servers need equipment that saves them time and effort in order to keep customers happy and tipping generously.

Glasses and dishes are the most essential tools at the bar. Keeping them clean and readily available plays a large role in the customer’s attitude toward the service in general. Nobody wants to wait around on a beer only to have it served in a dirty glass. With that in mind, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in an under-counter dishwasher for your bar.

Convenient Location

A separate kitchen is great for washing dishes in bulk at the end of the day or before the bar opens but rarely will you have enough clean glasses to make it through the entire day. However,  during busy hours, it is extremely inefficient to run to the kitchen whenever you need new glassware.

Undercounter dishwashers hooked up directly under the bar significantly reduces the number of steps and allows bartenders and servers to be more responsive to customer demands. This can also reduce workplace accidents and loss as barbacks are not rushing to and from the kitchen with loads of glasses.

Speed, Sound and Sanitation

Undercounter dishwashers hold distinct advantages when compared to handwashing in a sink. The increased capacity and speed at which they operate cut serious time out of the dishwashing process, allowing you to keep up with prolonged high activity. They also usually operate at a low decibel level, a nice feature when you need to communicate with your customers in an already loud bar.

Reliability is also a notable difference regarding the practicality of under-counter dishwashers in bars. The under countersink is a traditional bar fixture but bartenders may not be as consistently thorough in cleaning, especially as the traffic ramps up and quantity takes the place of quality. There is no compromising on this with under-counter dishwashers. A high-quality commercial machine will give you lasting performance and offer a number of heavy-duty sanitizing options to suit your needs and cleanliness standards.

Advantages to Consider

Undercounter dishwashers come in a variety of styles and sizes. Most sizes will work under any bar counters but you may not need the largest model for the business volume in your bar. As the technology improves, you can select from units according to features like speed and power cleaning options.

Look for the most efficient under-counter dishwashers for the size you need to keep your utility costs low. Pay attention to the operation requirements to save on additional chemicals, detergents and rinsing solutions. You need to compromise on some of the options and determine what meets the goals of your business. Some options do high-temperature sanitizing and require more energy use while others need chemical solutions and are more energy-efficient. One critical consideration is the type of dishes you will be washing because chemical solutions can potentially degrade certain materials. Do the necessary research to weigh the pros and cons of both dishwasher types for your bar setup.

Regardless of the specifications, make sure you are buying quality to save money in the long term on repair and replacement. At Texas Restaurant Supply, we carry a comprehensive selection of commercial under-counter dishwashers to ensure the best solution for the unique needs of your bar. Our catalog includes a variety of new and refurbished equipment, offering dependable quality and a price to suit your budget. We also purchase old appliances at excellent market prices to make trading in and upgrading easy and cost-effective. If you are considering an under-counter dishwasher to raise the productivity at your bar, contact our team of experts today.